the BanZens Relief Pen

~  Enter a world of unending relief of pain ~

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Effective and Efficient Relief of Pain

This Electronic Acupuncture Pen is effective and you begin to feel its effects quickly.
It's been proven to provide relief of acute and chronic pain, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, migraine, sports injuries, premature aging, fatigue, sciatica, and spondylitis.

No Needle Involved

The Meridian Electronic Acupuncture Pen is needle free and causes you no discomfort of any kind.

It is often very soothing to the patient, providing a soft humming and, essentially, a more fluid treatment.

Used by Chiropractors

Many chiropractors use this Electronic Acupuncture Pen in their clinics.
And that's a definite proof of the effectiveness of this product.

Using this by yourself saves also money.

Reasons to use it

~ Pain free through the Life ~

No Side Effects

This Electronic Acupuncture Pen is safe and has no side effects. That's why you should get your own Acupuncture Pen

It's an Alternative Medicine

The technique of Electro-acupuncture is an alternative and a less-harsh option of using painkillers and other medications.

Acupuncture Pain Relief

Treatment time is once or twice a day, for massage in one acupoint or one area of skin is about 3~5 minutes.

Saves Time and Money

A one-time purchase of this product is all you need to enter a world of unending relief of pain.

It Finds the Acu points

It has a automatically built in technology that provides precise detection and positioning of acu points.

Three Types of Probes

It has 3 different treatment probes for different parts of the body. Different body parts require different treatments and the manufacturers of this pen put that into consideration.

What our users say:
Users have nothing but good things to say about this Meridian Electronic Acupuncture Pen. People totally love and there's a good chance one of your friends is a user of this product.
  • Peter G.
Works very well for my nerve, neck and shoulder pain. Sometimes I use it a couple of times a day for 5 minutes or so And it takes my pain away for awhile. I usually keep mine at a 4 or 5 most of the time (nothing less) so glad I found this item!!!
  • Tanja P.
I was very impressed with this. The way other reviews were talking about the shock in the hand, I was thinking it was going to be much worse. I started the level on 1 and increased from there. I liked the feeling after I tried it. I used the book for guidance. It was very easy to hold and the muscles did feel better.

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